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How to get money of stolen/missing/lost KVP certificate, duplicate KVP certificate issue
Most people who have lost their KVP will contact the post office where they purchased the KVP. The post office staff will usually tell the KVP owner to search for the KVP at home . Allegedly in some cases, the KVP will be returned to the KVP owner after some time, though the exact details are not specified.
If the KVP owner finds that the KVP will not be returned after a long time, it will be advisable to get duplicate KVP issued. For this a formal police complaint will have to be filed , usually at the place where the theft was first detected. The complaint should have details of the theft which took place and details of the KVP stolen.
The police are requesting a handwritten request which will be written in front of them, so that there will be no dispute at a later date, as impersonation and identity theft attempts increase, For example allegedly R&AW, CBI are falsely claiming that this website belongs to goan gsb cheaters riddhi siddhi, shivalli brahmin bengaluru housewife nayanshre hathwar,and friends of cheaters ruchika, asmita patel, indore housewife veena, bsc sunaina and others, though none of these lazy greedy women are connected to the website in anyway or pay a single paisa for the expenses due to a Vyapam type fraud, and to defame the real domain investor, because allegedly corporates have bribed them .
usually the officials who have stolen the KVP are very systematic and will even steal the xerox copies of the document so that the KVP owner has no information or proof for retrieving the details, Computerised records are usually extremely vulnerable to being stolen or tampered, handwritten records stored in multiple places have a better chance of being available . The intelligence agency officials stealing the KVP are extremely confident that their victim will have no records at all.
After a formal police complaint has been submitted, the post office will be forced to issue the duplicate certificate. However this can be a very time consuming process taking a few weeks.
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